New Magic: The Gathering mobile app requires players to buy hundreds of phones

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The New Magic: The Gathering Mobile App will require players to buy entire boxes full of phones to gain the slightest advantage, developers have announced.

Developers have insisted their only interest is in making the game as enjoyable for the players as possible, and that requiring the purchase of multiple Magic-branded handsets to stand a chance of winning a game is entirely incidental.

The app is described as an astonishingly realistic replication of the experience of playing the game in person, with sound effects including the rustling of Cheetos packets and someone noisily clearing their sinuses every few minutes.

The app also includes several imaginative and loud pre-recorded angry rants to play should you beat it in single player mode, after which it will refuse ever to play against you again.

Magic Player Simon Williams told us, “I’m really looking forward to trying out the new app against my friends.

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“I’ve already bought several black phones, a couple of yellow ones and a grey one for when I’m really in trouble.

“They aren’t going to know what hit ’em when I pull that bad boy out of my Magic-branded phone bag.”

The App, known as “The Milking” launched last week..