Indian schools’ top excuse for late homework now ‘the Leopard ate it’

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Indian school children have been given a foolproof excuse for late homework after a Leopard ran amok in a Bangalore school.

“The leopard ate it,” now tops “I had a poorly belly”, “I thought it was due next week” and “my other grandmother died” and the go to excuse for lazy students who think homework is boring.

Student Sanjay Williams, 12 told us he was delighted with the new material.

“I’ve done them all over the last couple of years, from simply having my homework stolen on the way to school, to winning a slot on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and finding out I knew the answer to every question because it was related to some aspect of my deprived childhood, which ultimately drew suspicion from the police who kept me locked up and tortured until after the homework deadline.

“That last one got me a three-week extension by the way.

“So yeah, the Leopard ate it should see me through to the summer term.”

English student Simon Matthews, 13, bemoaned his luck regarding homework excuses, explaining, “Big cats never get stuck in my school before going on to threaten the life of everyone who works and learns there.”

“Those Indian kids are so lucky.”