IMMIGRATION ARMAGEDDON! Landmass could form supercontinent in as little as 25 million years!

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Left-leaning tectonic plates could lead to Britain’s borders being encroached by landmass crawling with foreigners by the year 25002016.

The shocking revelations have prompted calls for an In/Out referendum on evolution, with UKIP leader Nigel Farage warning that Earth’s landmass will eventually merge and make controlling immigration a virtual impossibility.

“Opportunistic foreign landmass is hellbent on taking advantage of Britain’s soft-touch welfare system,” he said.

“Who’s to say that immigrants in 25002016 won’t be able to take on the identities of the indigenous population by sucking out their brains and replicating their DNA?

“This would make it even easier for them to jump housing waiting lists!

“We need to take action now for the sake of our children’s children’s children’s children’s children’s children’s children’s children’s….I haven’t done the exact maths.”

No-one gives a fuck about the opinions of experts anymore so here’s some reaction from Twitter:

‘My great, great grandchildren will be turning in their space graves!’

‘How long before Muslimatron robots are grooming our household appliances unchallenged?’

‘They’ll be using our time machines, coming back to the present and putting an additional strain on our public services.’

‘No doubt the EU are planning to send back an Eastern European cyborg to kill Nigel Farage’s mother!’