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Donald Trump pledges to rename waterboarding ‘The Ice Bucket Challenge’

Donald Trump ice bucket challenge

Donald Trump has pledged to reintroduce waterboarding but rename it ‘The Ice Bucket Challenge’ if elected.

Waterboarding was banned as an interrogation technique after people noticed it didn’t actually work, but Trump insisted that repeatedly doing the same thing and expecting a different result was a sure sign of sanity and good governance.

The renaming of waterboarding would make it more socially acceptable and also could raise money for charity, he added.

“People pour icy water over their heads all the time for good causes,” he told a cheering crowd.

“Well what better cause is there than protecting freedom, democracy and apple pie?

“Plus for ten bucks to my veterans charity you can watch over pay per view.”

The CIA has expressed concern over the plan after it didn’t work so well last time.

A spokesman said that although the CIA supported charitable endeavours, their internal slogan ‘Run the world’ meant something quite different.

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