Chelsea to challenge Crystal Palace for title of 4th best team in London

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Chelsea’s recent outstanding form may leave them in a position to challenge Crystal Palace for the title of 4th best team in London.

Plucky underdogs Chelsea pulled off a magnificent 1-1 draw against Manchester United at the weekend which sent them rocketing up to an unprecedented 13th in the League, leading some pundits to speculate they may soon move up into the coveted 4th place in their own city.

Chelsea have been on what is for them a giant-killing run recently, with a dramatic 0-0 against Watford last week following on from thrilling draws against Everton and West Brom underlining their return to form.

“We’re pursuing a very simple strategy at the moment,” said Chelsea Supremo Guus Hiddink.

“If we can overtake Crystal Palace and then every non-London team in the Premiership is disqualified we can still qualify for Europe.

“I think that’s achievable, especially if they all sign Luis Suarez one after another.”

Chelsea’s hopes may be dashed by Watford claiming to be a London team as well, leaving them with a mountain still to climb.