Amazing video footage proves existence of man in furry suit

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Incredible two-second video footage shot by someone with very shaky hands has finally proven the existence of a man in a furry suit.

The creature, dubbed the Abominable Man in a Furry Suit, was spotted by a skier at Formigal in northeastern Spain.

The unnamed skier posted the video on a popular website with the message:

“Strange animal spotted in Formigal. What the hell is this?”

The video sparked a frenzied debate over whether it was a man in a furry suit or Tyson Fury on a skiing holiday.

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“Wow! That footage is extraordinary!” enthused one expert in complete bollocks.

“I can’t think of a better way to document the discovery of the century than by filming it for a couple of seconds while dancing the mashed potato.”

Picture 1


This extraordinary snap was taken by Mark Hamilton from Norwich. It shows three robot-like aliens walking across a field while John Lennon watches on from a nearby hedgerow.

Mr Hamilton, said, “I couldn’t believe my eyes. They walked around the field for about ten minutes while John Lennon sang an extended version of Jealous Guy.”

“Then they all got back in their spaceship and headed off towards Ipswich.”

Picture 2


Shoppers and staff at an Asda store in Bolton got a shock when this creature turned up to do a weekly big shop.

Quick-thinking Maureen Fuller took this photo of it querying the price of an Ainsley Harriott Scottish Style Leek and Potato Cup Soup.

“At first I thought it was one those muslims that we have nowadays,” Mrs Fuller said.

“I realised it must have come from outer space when I saw it loading groceries into a saucer-shaped vehicle in the car park.”

Picture 3


Eagle-eyed Swindon Town fans noticed something strange about last season’s squad photo. If you look closely you’ll notice a mysterious creature stood on the far-right.

Swindon season ticket holder Paul Jenkins said, “I was quite excited at first because I thought it was a mystery signing and he looked capable of causing problems for the opposition’s defence.”

“No-one’s seen him since. It’s a mystery signing alright!”

Picture 4


Cattle mutilations have been widely reported over the years but this alien craft came a cropper when it attempted to interfere with the concrete cows in Milton Keynes.

Graham Denby, who took the photo, revealed, “The spaceship hovered above the cows for about five minutes trying to lift them onboard using some kind of futuristic suck ray.”

“In the end it took a couple of pensioners who were waiting for a bus to Northampton.”

Picture 5


This shocking photo is taken through a special pair of glasses and reveals the true face of Prime Minister David Cameron.

Experts in space monsters claim that the creature underneath Mr Cameron’s face can send subliminal totalitarian commands to obey and conform.

This would explain why Andrew Marr never asks him any difficult questions.