Today is ‘Bring Your Cold To Work’ day, confirm co-workers

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Britain’s workers are apparently taking part in ‘Bring Your Cold To Work’ day today.

A progression from ‘bring your dog to work’ and ‘bring your child to work’, today has been chosen for another thing that’s small and annoying and will serve only to further piss off your co-workers.

Workers are keenly entering into the spirit of the event, with people suffering streaming head colds staggering in to work to ensure colleagues get the full benefit just before the weekend.

The spirit of sharing also extends to public transport.

“On bring your dog to work day last year we had endless squabbling between owners and it took weeks to get rid of the smell of uncontrolled urine afterwards,” said HR Manager Simon Williams, who came up with the idea.

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“Or was that bring your child to work? Still, same difference.

“It was great for staff bonding, especially amongst those of us who don’t have dogs or kids.”

After bring your cold to work day, staff are hopeful that casual day next month means ‘sex’.