Pro-rape group cancels meeting because they might get shouted at a bit

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A group of violently misogynistic bastards has had to cancel an event so that nobody hurts their feelings.

“Return of Kings” is a self-declared “masculinist” group which calls for the legalisation of rape on private property, amongst other things which would make their mothers super-duper proud.

“But now we can’t get together at the weekend because some women are being quite threatening towards us, frankly” said group member and utterly repugnant excuse for a human, Simon Williams.

“One or two of them are threatening to stand outside the meeting and chant things, which is actually a lot like rape if you think about it.

“This is just another example of the rights of men being quashed ever further under the high-heeled stiletto of feminism.

“Or Doc Martens, as most of those dykes actually wear.

“We should be left to campaign for legalised rape in peace without fear of being violated in this manner.

“I can’t imagine most of these women have managed to land a husband OR a rapist with this kind of behaviour, even if some of their skirts are tantalisingly short.

“Having said that, I’m single as well, which remains a mystery.”