Jeremy Corbyn to headline #JC4PM tour with performance of Kraftwerk’s Man-Machine

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The organisers of the #JC4PM tour have announced that the headline act will be Jeremy Corbyn himself who will perform Kraftwerk’s Man-Machine album in its entirety.

The tour will feature a variety of left-wing acts presumably including Billy Bragg and Charlotte Church, but Jeremy Corbyn’s presence had remained unconfirmed.

“Well, obviously we wanted Jeremy involved,” said organiser, Simon Williams

“We had hoped for a reading from his favourite poetry, or some rousing revolutionary oratory, but we hadn’t considered in our wildest dreams that he’d perform Kraftwerk’s Man-Machine in its entirety, it’s tremendously exciting.”

The tour has been organised in the hope that a few indie hits and a singalong of ‘the Red Flag’ will make people forget that Mr Corbyn is making the Labour party a less credible electoral proposition than the smurfs.

Mr Corbyn has maintained that the tour won’t interfere with his duties as an MP.

“No, I know Man-Machine backwards, so there’ll be no need for any rehearsals,” said Mr Corbyn.

“I’ll just turn up on the night, put on my robot costume, start the mirror ball off and launch straight into the Robots.

“With a bit of luck there’ll be time for an encore of songs by Can and Neu as well.”