Tyson Fury to become full-time homophobe

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Tyson Fury has admitted that spending so much time punching people is distracting him from his mission in life to be an arsehole to homosexuals.

Fury said he may not fight Wladimir Klitschko in a planned rematch, in order to focus his energy on preaching hate to couples who love each other and just happen to be the same-sex.

Fury explained, “Gay things are disgusting, unlike the manly things that I do – like when I strip to the waist and spend fifteen rounds trying to get my arms around another 15 stone man who often hugs me back.

“Even my training is starting to suffer because of the gays. Sparring just doesn’t have the same appeal any more, not when I know there are gays out there going about doing gay things to other gays.

“I tried getting a few gays in at the gym, so I could throw a few punches at them, but apparently they have to volunteer otherwise it’s a ‘crime’ – it’s religious persecution gone mad.”

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Boxing fans have said it would be a tragedy if Fury retired from boxing before they get the chance to see him have his arse handed to him by one of the much better boxers out there.