Lord Lucan’s album goes to top of iTunes chart

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Just hours after being legally declared dead, grieving Lord Lucan fans have sent his final album to the top of the download charts.

His seminal album Eaten By The Family Tiger sold fewer than a dozen copies when it was originally released in late 1974, mainly due to poor reviews by the critics, but it was later studied by many across the music industry for clues to his unusual popularity.

As one music critic at the time wrote, “Family Tiger is pretty painful pop music, and the opening track Nanny Bludgeoner is extremely self-indulgent.”

“If you can get all the way to Who Doesn’t Owe A Shitload To The Bookies, then you’re a better man than I.”

However, now that he’s dead suddenly everyone has remembered how much they actually liked his music.

Music fan Simon Williams told, “I’ve always like Lord Lucan, definitely, so this has come as a bit of a shock.

“I downloaded his album because I want to pay tribute to his genius, and then tell all of my friends on Facebook that I liked him before they did.

“To the untrained ear it probably sounds like over-privileged drivel, but I like it.”