Genetic editing approved in attempt to eradicate the Katie Hopkins gene

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The controversial process of gene-editing in the embryo has been approved in an attempt to try to genetically restrict any future instances of Katie Hopkins.

“I think that everyone agrees that the process of manipulating the genes of unborn children is troubling,” said genetic specialist Dr Simon Williams.

“But questions of ethics and responsibility have to be put to one side if it means achieving the goal of a world without Katie Hopkins.”

However, despite a professed unified front there is disquiet amongst the scientific community.

“The goal of eradicating Katie Hopkins is entirely laudable,” said one anonymous scientist.

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“But my concern is that this technology gets in the hands of the wrong people, and they could end up generating more Katie Hopkinses, or worse; a genetically enhanced Katie Hopkins, capable of creating more and more poisonous drivel about immigrant paedophile benefit scrounging socialist liberal black people getting all the best parking spaces in London.”

Despite the concerns, the work to identify and eradicate the Katie Hopkins gene is to begin immediately.

“We suspect the Katie Hopkins gene is a mutation of the ‘wanker’ gene fused with the ‘pig-ignorant’ gene,” said Dr Williams.

“But we’ll also be looking at the ‘tosser,’ ‘shit-head,’ and ‘cataclysmic prick’ genes to see if they’re the problem.”

There are hopes that if the genetic eradication of Katie Hopkins is successful, work can begin to identify the ‘Beiber,’ ‘Trump,’ and ‘Farage’ genes at the first opportunity.