Terry Wogan to interview Bowie, Lemmy and Alan Rickman

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Sir Terry Wogan has an absolutely tremendous lineup for his next round of interviews.

Sir Terry, who died this morning, was and remains a consummate professional whose lighthearted style concealed an absolute master of the broadcast art.

It is believed his first broadcast from the afterlife will feature him getting slowly inebriated while commentating on performances by heavenly choirs from around the world.

Following this he will take a jocular tour of the afterlife looking at the lighter side of the next world whilst not ignoring darker portions of its history.

An interview with Beelzebub is also being mooted, which would cover his wide ranging career including being thrown out of Heaven, the temptation of Eve, his time in The Fall with Mark E. Smith, and a performance of his latest single.

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“Don’t think of it as Sir Terry dying”, we were told.

“Think of it as him being reunited with his real hair.”

Reports from the other side indicate that Kenny Everett has already stolen his microphone.