Government vows to clampdown on disabled fat-cats and greedy rape victims

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Well-heeled wheelchair users and cash-happy victims of domestic violence are facing a clampdown on their luxurious lifestyles as the government vows to help struggling multinationals.

With victims of abuse selfishly installing palatial panic rooms, Iain Duncan Smith has handed a blank cheque to hardworking lawyers to mount legal defences of its popular bedroom tax policy.

Valiant Conservative crusaders of fair play have instructed Tory MEPs to vote against proposals that would see ailing multinationals forced to pay tax.

“How can it be right that carefree carers enjoy luxurious living spaces while conscientious wealth creators are denied basic tax havens to funnel billions of pounds of profit,” said a government spokesperson.

“Anyone with an ounce of decency will support our attempts to create a level playing field.

“It speaks volumes that the opposition are more interested in standing up for the uptown needy rather than multinationals who, through no fault of their own, could be faced with the prospect of smaller bonuses.

“It’s criminal.”