Revealed: Jeremy Corbyn had consensual relations with living woman

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In the first of a series of explosive revelations, we expose the shocking truth about Jeremy Corbyn’s consensual relationship with a female of the same species.

The Labour leader invited fellow activists to his London bedsit where they were “shaken” to discover that a real woman was underneath his duvet.

“When Jeremy invited us back to his bedsit we automatically assumed it would form part of an initiation ceremony to join a secret society,” explained one former activist.

“However, it soon became clear that the only thing on his mind was picking up leaflets.

“When we entered his bedsit there was a woman who could have been naked under a duvet that obscured our view.

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“We picked up the leaflets and then went campaigning.”

It is also alleged that at the time of the incident, Corbyn’s marriage to Jane Chapman was over.

“When you look at the time of the incident it would suggest that he wasn’t even having an affair,” revealed a union colleague.

“It’s no wonder that the media don’t like him.”

In part two of our explosive revelations – Jeremy Corbyn went for a meal with friends and didn’t smash the fuck out of the restaurant!