Doctor’s receptionist happy to also be complete bitch at the weekend

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The receptionist at your local surgery has no problem in treating you with utter contempt at the weekends, too.

Rosie Yates, 41, has been sitting at her desk with the kind of attitude you would expect from an arrogant housecat for the last five years.

“Someone has to let people know who’s in charge,” said Rosie, through her teeth.

“And although this is a Doctor’s surgery rather than a receptionist’s surgery, I and every other person in my job has decided that that person or those people should be me or them.”

“I’m sorry if that’s not very clear for you, that’s really not my fault I’m afraid,” declared Rosie, picking up a phone and slamming it down out of habit.

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“But yeah, no problem doing weekends. The cat can take care of himself for a change, if he thinks he’s so clever.”

Long-time patient, Simon Williams, told us, “Rosie is horrifying.”

“I’ve actually memorised her work schedule so I know when she’s on the desk and when she isn’t, so I can speak to a slightly less horrible receptionist.

“She should be commended, really. She’s a credit to the job; assuming the sole criteria for being a doctor’s receptionist is to be an utter bastard, which it demonstrably is.”