Tesco customers to pay for their shopping ‘at some point in the future’

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Tesco customers have insisted they will pay for all the shopping they’re taking from the store at some point in the future.

Customers have said Tesco’s business practice of “not paying for things when you say you will” sounds like a good way to handle their transactions moving forward.

Shopper Simon Williams told us, “I know that when I came into the store, and began putting things into my trolley, there was an expectation that Tesco would get some money for these things as I left.”

“But unfortunately things change in business – or so I’m learning – and budgetary constraints mean I’m going to have to pay them for this stuff later. No, I don’t know when, but I will, eventually.”

“Yes, this might look like a shitty thing to do, not paying for something given to me in good faith, but I have a monthly budget and the numbers don’t look to good right now, so I’m just going to hold on to this cash a little bit longer.”

“I’m sure Tesco understands. I mean, I already have the products now, and I’m sure they don’t need the money as much as I do.”

“Fingers crossed they’re still in business by the time I get round to actually paying them.”