Google driverless car automatically avoids road tax, reveal safety experts

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Google’s driverless car has been beset by safety concerns after it was revealed that the only thing it can successfully avoid is road tax.

A recent test carried out by safety experts discovered that the self-driving car struggled to avoid various hazards but had no problem avoiding Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPC) cameras.

“We set up a test area in which we tried to recreate the average UK road,” revealed car safety expert Simon Williams.

“The car failed in every single safety area. In fact, if it had been a real-life situation it would have been carnage.

“However, it showed remarkable manoeuvrability when faced with the replica ANPC cameras we’d set up.”

A Google spokesperson dismissed the safety concerns as “teething problems” and insisted the cars were not fitted with car tax avoidance technology.

“We’re working closely with the DVLA to ensure that in about 10 years time we can reach an agreement.

“I’ve been assured that it will be a great deal for all parties.”