Donald Trump starts shooting supporters just to prove his point

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Donald Trump has begun shooting his supporters to prove his claim he could do so without losing votes.

To rapturous whoops from the crowd at a rally in Wyoming, trump produced a .44 Magnum and shot wildly into the audience, killing two and injuring several more.

He immediately gained 3 points in the polls, taking him further ahead of his nearest rival, Ted Cruz.

Trump was then joined on stage by Sarah Palin, who made a speech praising trump for his commitment to the Second Amendment and comparing him to Winston Churchill.

“If there’s one thing you can say for Trump, he’s not like any of those other beltway insider establishment politicians,” said an excited Billy-Simon Williams whilst bleeding from a nasty head wound.

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“You don’t see none o’them firing wildly into a crowded building, no sir-ee.

“He’s a man o’ his word an’ I respect that. My vote for him is a lock!”, he added as the ambulance took him away for treatment.

Reports suggest that most Trump supporters believe that Barack Hussein Obama would be willing to shoot them but that’s totally different from Trump doing it.

Following the success of the stunt the Trump campaign is now considering ways he can further demonstrate he’s willing to put his money where his mouth is, and are considering following up on his suggestion he’d like to have sex with his own daughter.