Academy addresses Oscars concerns by doubling minority members to 14

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The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is to increase minority representation in its 6,000 strong membership by doubling the number of minority members to fourteen.

The pledge follows people noticing that out of over 350 Oscars given for acting in the Academy’s history, only 12 have been given to black people.

“We have recently been made aware that black people can act,” said a spokesperson for the Academy.

“And because we are an organisation at the forefront of the Civil Rights movement – go Rosa Parks! – we aim to reflect that by letting in several more black people.

“Provided they use the side door and work in the kitchen or something.”

The 2016 Oscar nominations were widely criticised for not reflected the racial diversity of modern film making, much like the 2015 Oscar nominations, the 2014 nominations, and all the nominations since the first one in 1928 – except for the ones where they mistakenly thought Denzil Washington and Jamie Foxx were white.

“We hope that having more black people at the Oscars, serving dinner and emptying ashtrays, will really show the Academy’s commitment to diversity in modern America.”