Most of your Facebook friends think you’re a prick, claims study

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Most of your Facebook friends wouldn’t care if you stepped in front of a train unless it interfered with their travel plans, according to a new study.

Many people have hundreds of Facebook friends but according to research only four of them care if you live or die.

Robin Dunbar, a professor of evolutionary psychology at Oxford University, undertook a study to find out the connection between real friends and people who greet your updates by muttering ‘twat’ under their breath.

The study found that the average person had around 150 Facebook friends. But of the 14 who would express sympathy if something went wrong, only 4 of those weren’t being sarcastic.

“Facebook friends tend to organise in different layers,” Professor Dunbar explained.

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“About four people will be in the first and closest one, then 15, 50 and 150 different friends will be in each of the other groups, ranging from ‘I’d like to put bleach in your coffee’ up to ‘I hope it’s terminal’.”