Geri Halliwell now younger than you

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Former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell has mysteriously become younger than you whilst you weren’t looking.

Halliwell, who you are pretty sure was quite a bit older than you when the Spice Girls appeared in the 1990s, is now claiming to have been born several years after you, which seems odd.

Possibly she has invented time-travel and kept it quiet, or maybe it’s something like the curious case of Benjamin Button.

“When I was a teenager I had a bit of a thing about Geri in a ‘sexy older woman who could teach me a thing or two’ sort of way,” said fortysomething Simon Williams.

“‘I’ll tell you what I want’ took on a different meaning when I was alone in my bedroom with a sock, I’ll tell you that.

“And now she’s younger than me. When did that happen?

A spokesman for Halliwell insisted the mystery for her fluctuating age can be easily explained by her adventures in the time-vortex during which she battled with the forces of Gringnor the Extradimensional between 2003-6.