Company linked to slave labour keen to disassociate itself from doping scandal

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Slave labour enthusiasts Adidas have announced it is to terminate its sponsorship deal with the IAAF to avoid being tarnished by the doping scandal currently sweeping athletics.

The sponsorship deal which, much like the average worker in an Adidas sweatshop, is 11-years old was due to run until 2019.

Adidas insisted that it has a clear anti-doping policy in all forms of sport, but added that it wouldn’t rule out the use of performance enhancing drugs amongst its workforce.

“Associating our brand with the IAAF would create the impression that we condone athletes increasing their speed and performance with the assistance of banned substance,” said an Adidas spokesperson.

“However, we are comfortable with increasing our profit margins by employing people with no employment rights and paying them £10 a week.

“The slogan for our Derrick Rose range of footwear is actually meant as a reminder to our Asian workforce.

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