Doctor Who fans ‘not over-reacting’ by burning BBC to ground

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Doctor Who fans have denied that burning the BBC to the ground over a staff change they dislike was an ‘overreaction’.

Adult fans of the show formed into a mob armed with pitchforks and burning brands after the announcement that the show would be taken over by someone they dislike even more than the current incumbent.

Until now fans had shown restraint in expressing their dislike of the previous showrunner, Stephen Moffatt, by burning him in effigy on bonfire night.

However, the announcement of a new, even less popular, showrunner today members of the Provisional Wing of the Doctor Who Fan Club have taken to the streets.

“I don’t think that I’m taking what is essentially a bit of Saturday night light entertainment too seriously”, said Whovian fan Simon Williams, whilst waving a placard reading “Behead those who insult the Doctor!”

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“I’m just saying that the person in charge of the programme must conform in every way to my own personal wishes.

“Now I’m going to kill a hostage every hour until Neil Gaiman is put in charge of the show.”

The BBC has issued a statement that it is sympathetic to the wishes of it’s more vocal fans, but until they actually stop watching the show and buying the merchandise sympathy is about as far as it’s going to go.