Scotland to add folic acid to batter

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Scotland is to add folic acid to battered foods to ensure pregnant women get a healthy supply.

The measure will also seek to add the essential developmental nutrient to Tennants Extra and Marlboro light.

Batter has been at the forefront of the development of contemporary Scottish cuisine, with artisan food stalls selling delights such as  Tempura Creme Eggs a common sight in vibrant cities like Dundee.

“Deep fried food is an essential dietary component in modern Scotland, with most people getting their full five portions a day,” health Scotland Spokesman Simon McWilliams told us.

“We’re in touch with the Tijuana cartels to ask if they can add Folic Acid to Ketamine as well.”

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Reports indicate that Barr’s have refused requests to add the supplement to Irn-Bru as it ‘sounds a bit soft and Southern’ to them.