Newly discovered planet to be named ‘Barry’

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It has been announced that the new theoretical ninth planet will be named ‘Barry’ should its existence be proved.

“It is an unusual name for a planet, yes,” said Simon Williams, of the International Astronomical Union.

“I’d have gone with Trident, Excelsior…or Simon. But we had a lottery in the office to name it, and Barry won.”

Barry the planet is still only theoretical and has prompted a stampede of stargazers to try and positively identify it in the sky with many claims of identification turning out to be, on closer examination, fake; a speck of dust, the Moon, a circle drawn in biro, a dog, someone throwing a tennis ball in the air, and even someone’s wife’s head.

There have also been lucrative offers from corporations to sponsor the new planet which could see planet Barry’s official title be ‘Planet Barry as brought to you by Cillit Bang,’ or simply ‘Planet Cillit Bang.’

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“No, I don’t think I’d want to get into any sort of sponsorship discussions,” continued Mr Williams.

“We are a serious organisation and the naming of planets is a serious business and having to say ‘brought to you by Findus Crispy Pancakes,’ or whatever would make Planet Barry a laughing stock.”