Saudi Arabia bans Hungry Hungry Hippos during Ramadan

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Saudi Arabia has banned Hungry Hungry Hippos during Ramadan after declaring it ‘un-Islamic’, it is reported today.

The hard-line state has a history of banning games, as it is also banned Ker-Plunk, declaring that the only easily-toppled heaps of round objects permitted in the kingdom are the piled heads of dissidents and journalists.

Saudi religious police will destroy sets and arrest players after passing the fatwa, which also includes chess.

“The sight of these plastic hippopotami gorging themselves is unacceptable according to a frankly bananas interpretation of the Holy Book,” said top cleric Shimonu al-Williams to some journalists he hasn’t had arrested yet.

“Lifelike representations are banned, which why we’re making Buckaroo illegal as well.

“Only in heaven are such things allowed, which is why Martyrs to the faith can look forward to an eternity playing Warhammer with all the other virgins.”

When asked why Operation! had not been banned despite depicting the human form, religious police confirmed that removing bits of people’s bodies whilst they’re still alive is a favourite pastime of theirs.