Friends congratulate man for ability to copy and paste a joke

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A man is being praised for pasting a fairly tired joke onto his Facebook wall.

Simon Williams, 38, copied and pasted a tired old gag about three nuns answering questions to get into heaven, the punchline being “ooh that’s a hard one”; a joke that you’ve heard at least twelve times in your typically tedious life.

“It was brilliant,” said Simon’s friend, Elizabeth King.

“Simon is a legend for pasting that joke on his wall, and he definitely warrants being described as ‘funny’ rather than ‘uncreative’ or ‘dull’.

“I had no hesitation in ‘liking’ the joke and leaving a comment saying ‘well funny mate’; credit which he gleefully accepted without feeling an ounce the fraud he definitely isn’t.”

Williams said, “Yeah, I’ve always been funny.”

“Even when I was a kid, I was getting laughs by telling jokes I had heard elsewhere.

“That kind of comedic talent never really goes away. Unlike all of my childhood friends and, in later years, my wife and children.”

Williams is expected to continue developing his comedy skills by attaching “his” jokes to pictures of actually-funny-but-ruined-now minions.