New website to help parents worried their children could join Conservative Future

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Parents worried that their children are becoming radicalised and encouraged join the youth wing of the Conservative Party are to get advice from a new website.

The website is aimed at keeping children safe from ‘the spell of twisted ideologies’.

‘Preempt the Contempt’ will offer advice to parents and teachers, and will provide guidance drawn up by several charities.

Content on the site reveals how some pupils were taught not to mix with children who have ‘lower class’ names, and were fed conspiracy theories about the Scottish.

“Protecting young and impressionable minds from hate preachers or, as they’re otherwise known, ‘Daily Mail Columnists’ sends a clear message to Conservatives: our children are firmly out of your reach,” said a website spokesperson.

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The website promises to provide “practical advice to protect children from the dangers of Conservatism”, with information from groups such as the poor, the sick, the disabled, doctors, nurses, teachers, the police and anyone at all with a shred of human empathy.

Parent Nigel Hague lost his son to Conservative Future’s predecessor, the ‘Young Conservatives’, and spoke of his disappointment that such a resource didn’t exist thirty years ago.

He explained, “Our son William was radicalised very young, and soon became the pin-up child for their horrific ideology. We never got him back.”

“Websites likes this will hopefully help other parents avoid the loss we suffered.”

It will include information on:

– how parents should talk to children about Conservatism

– practical steps that concerned parents can take

– the warning signs of radicalisation, i.e. wearing chinos and making up statistics