Tennis players ‘offered cash to win matches’

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An investigation has been launched into reports that Tennis players are often offered cash incentives to win matches in the form of ‘prizes’.

The sums are being offered by professional match ‘organisers’ who make big profits by getting major stars to compete in their matches.

Former British no.1 Tim Henman revealed he had been approached with huge cash offers, but his professional integrity wouldn’t let him accept.

“I was offered over a million pounds to win Wimbledon,” he told us.

“But I wasn’t prepared to snatch at hollow, meaningless victories just for a bit of money.

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“I’ve got too much pride for that.”

Reports suggest that other players have also had offers of large money sums for winning a grand slam title, and former champion Roger Federer has already issued a statement reassuring tennis fans that there’s no chance he’ll do that again in his career.