Labour should maintain ‘back channel’ talks with its own MPs, says Corbyn

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The Labour Party should open up ‘back channel’ talks with its own MPs, Jeremy Corbyn has suggested.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr Show yesterday, Corbyn insisted that it was right to retain the option of discussions with his own party’s elected representatives, even while engaging in a concerted campaign to destroy them.

Dialogue with MPs was the ‘wrong word’, he insisted, but pointed out that discreet talks could be held with moderate factions within his own party.

Speaking about Social Democrats, Brownites, Blairites and others, Corbyn said “I think there has to be some understanding of where their strong points are, where their weak points are, and how we can challenge their ideology.

“I believe other political parties are in touch with my MPs. Look at the way in which there’s been some people leaving or returning to the back benches but retaining contact with the Liberal Democrats.

“I see no reason I can’t treat my own members at least as well as the government, but disloyalty has to be addressed.”

However, many consider it far too early for any talks about a resolution to the conflict and insist backbenchers ability to oppose leadership must be comprehensively degraded by ‘boots up the arse’ before meaningful talks can take place.