‘Feminism no longer necessary’ confirms some bloke

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Feminism is now surplus to requirements, according to some guy you know.

Simon Williams has made it clear that women are allowed to have jobs and their own money and some of them even have really good jobs, therefore the whole thing should just call it a day.

“All the women I know are fine,” said Williams, “therefore feminism shouldn’t be a thing anymore.

“It’s just a way for some jumped-up tarts to ask for more attention than they already get, and it’s all a bit silly.

“None of the four women that associate with me have ever been harassed or oppressed, or if they have then they haven’t told me, which is their own fault.

Although if they HAD been harassed, that would also be their fault for wearing that dress, quite frankly.”

One of Williams’ female friends said, “He’s more an acquaintance, really.

“He’s friends with my boyfriend, so I kind of have to have him in my house sometimes, which he often accuses me of not keeping clean enough.

“He seems to think my feminism stems from the fact that he’s a man and I want to actively oppress him, when in fact he has nothing to do with my feminism and everything to do with wanting to strangle him with his own necktie and then set him on fire.”