Tim Peake goes for spacewalk finds Irish pub

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British astronaut Tim Peake has taken his first spacewalk and found an Irish bar to while away a few hours.

Just minutes after exiting the International Space Station and entering the void of space, Peake stumbled up Irish bar Paddy O’Connells.

“Houston, we have an pro….oh, nothing. Um, just forget I said anything,” said Peake over the radio from inside his space suit.

What followed was an hour of silence before Peake returned to the ISS to admit that space is the best place ever, and that he loves everyone on the ISS very much indeed.

A NASA spokesperson explained that although Irish pubs have been spotted all over the planet, this was the first time one had been seen off it.

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They told us, “They do seem to be in every town in the world, but no-one thought we’d find one in orbit.”

“According to Tim’s debrief, apparently everyone there was very nice, and it was run by a guy whose grandmother was from Cork.”

“Now admittedly Tim didn’t finish his official maintenance tasks whilst on his spacewalk, but he said he’ll go back out and finish on Tuesday – and the fact that it’s quiz night at Paddy O’Connells is a coincidence.”