Man binge-watches ‘Making A Murderer’ eagerly awaits forensic science diploma

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A man reckons he’s ready for the world of forensics after watching a television show.

Simon Williams watched every episode of Netflix hit, “Making a Murderer” and bought himself a lab coat and pair of rubber gloves the moment the credits rolled on the last episode.

“Yep, I’m all set,” said Williams, his stupid eyes shining under a snazzy set of splash-proof goggles.

“I’ve seen where that sheriff’s department went wrong, and I know how I could have saved Steven Avery. Mainly because the show told me.

“So I’ve written to Trinity College, Cambridge, and enclosed a self-addressed envelope. I expect my degree any day now. 2:1, I reckon.”

A spokesperson for Trinity College said, “Yeah, no.”

“We received the letter from Simon, saying how much he enjoyed the show and that he believes this constitutes the same amount of work and knowledge that goes into a four-year Forensic Science course.

“But unfortunately we can’t just hand out degrees to any moron who asks for them. That is what the University of Lincoln is for.”