Queen stripped of her crown after she refuses to fight Prince Charles

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The World Boxing Federation has stripped the Queen of her crown after she refused to defend it against Prince Charles.

Her Majesty has been under pressure to get into the ring against the challenger for some time, not least from Charles himself, but has consistently refused.

The crown is now considered ‘open’, and will be awarded as soon as a bout between Princes Charles and William can be arranged.

“Her majesty was a tasty fighter in her day but she’s been resting on her laurels and ducking a fight for too long,” explained WBF spokesman Simon Williams.

“Charles has been after a shot at the title for forty years and the time comes when you’ve got to say enough is enough.”

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“Royalty is a fighters game, and if you won’t defend your crown – well, use it or lose it.”

The Queen is said to be wary of a fight, especially against Pronces William or Harry, but has asked if could stage a comeback against Prince Naseem Hamed as he’s a big fat sod these days.