Ricky Gervais criticised for being a bit mean to some rich and famous people

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Some rich and famous people were made to feel temporarily uncomfortable by the sociopathic comedic tendencies of Ricky Gervais, according to reports from the weekend’s Golden Globes.

Through acute observations of what many celebrities had done, said, or acted in, Gervais thoughtlessly made their extravagant evening ever-so-slightly less fun.

As one unnamed A-lister told us, “Our job is to sit here smiling and looking good whilst being rich and famous, showing our perfect skin and teeth to any camera pointed in our general direction.”

“The presenter’s job is to blow smoke so far up our ass it comes out of our noses, not make us wonder when we can get back to the opulent surroundings we lovingly call ‘home’.

“Champagne tastes just a little flatter when you’re worried someone is going to mention the fact that your job playing make-believe is silly, the film you were in was shit, or that your studio basically paid for your award.”

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Despite the social media outcry, many viewers enjoyed the show.

Viewer Simon Williams told us, “I thought Ricky was pretty tame to be honest.

“He made the sort of cutting remarks my friends make every time I see them in the pub, but where is my Twitter outrage?

“Last week my mate Dave made a comment at five-a-side that maybe I should consider that walking football that old people play.  It was ageist, ableist and spiteful – but there wasn’t a peep on Twitter.

“It was just typical, it’s one rule for the A Listers, and another rule for the rest of us.”