Cameron cites Bowie’s Sergeant Pepper album as massively influential

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Prime Minister David Cameron has claimed David Bowie’s Sergeant Pepper album as a major influence on his life and work.

With the country experiencing something of ‘a Diana moment’, the PM declared an official three days of mourning, during which you are all still expected to attend work as normal.

The non-conformist PM said the classic sixties album was second only to Revolver amongst his most played records that are definitely by David Bowie.

Cameron said, “As far as my vinyl collection is concerned, these two greats rub shoulders with other Bowie classics like the Queen is Dead, Purple Rain and Nevermind the Buzzcocks.

“Yeah that whole Iggy Stardust thing really.”

With his arm placed around George Osborne’s shoulder in a vaguely homoerotic fashion, Cameron continued, “Just as Bowie redefined gender boundaries, I have redefined constituency boundaries to ensure Labour never get re-elected.”

And the Tory leader insisted that Bowie’s work had been a huge influence on Conservative thinking.

“Bowie wanted to let the children boogie, so why not let your children boogie by sending them to a thriving academy school.”

Fighting back a tear, Cameron continued, “It is said that Bowie was a pop chameleon, in fact he was the people’s chameleon. And that is how he will always be remembered in our hearts and our memories. Amen.”

Cameron also claimed Bowie’s influence was behind his decision to wear some basic make up during a recent Newsnight interview.

When asked to name his favourite Bowie track of all time, Cameron replied, “Spiders from Jupiter. Most definitely.”