‘Best-preserved Bronze Age dwellings’ go on sale for half a million each

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Remains of a settlement of Bronze Age houses uncovered by archaeologists in Cambridgeshire, have been listed by an estate agent with an opening price of £500,000.

The ruins, found in Must Far quarry and dating from 1000 BC, are being described as “historic, rustic, with outstanding redevelopment potential and easy access to the A14”.

The estate agents handling the find have assured buyers that the site has no planning permission issues, due to the site having been started before planning permission was a thing.

Trainee Sales Negotiator Simon Williams told us, “It’s true that there are touches of fire damage, minor cases of dry rot, and signs of being buried for three thousand years, but given the schools in the area interest is very high.

“Plus they come with their traditional fixtures and fittings of advanced pottery, plant fibre textiles, and war axes.

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“Although built in traditional materials, a child’s play pen or thatched outer-house can easily be added for that modern feel.

“All in all this prehistoric development is ideal for families looking to forge a tribe, engage in hunter gathering activities, or commute to London.

“The more discerning home owner might opt for a full rebuilding of the premises, but at least it’s not on a flood plain”.