Roy Batty retired at birth ‘just in case’

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The Tyrell Corporation has announced its new Nexus-6 Roy Batty replicant has been retired at birth ‘to save trouble later’.

The Corporation made the decision after seeing warnings on the Internet that the unit may go on a rampage in a few years time.

Tyrell took the time to extend his thanks to eagle-eyed web users pointing out Batty’s birthday and highlighting potential future risks.

“We had been planning to send him on a galaxy-wide tour of duty,” Tyrell Corporation spokeswoman Rachel Williams told us.

“Probably taking in areas like Orion and the Tannhauser Gate.

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“Gosh, putting it like that really makes you think of the things he might have seen, doesn’t it?

“Still, no loss, eh?”

The Corporation went on to announce their new Nexus-6 Rick Deckard model is to be discontinued due to ‘attitude problems’.