Labour shake-up completes purge of voters from the party

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The Labour Party has successfully purged itself of a radical right-wing group calling itself ‘the electorate’ this week.

The group, composed of ‘voters’, were considered too right-wing to fit with the future direction of the party and ‘had to go’.

The party leadership had a long internal debate over the matter before concluding that the general population doesn’t share their aims and principles and under the circumstances it’s best just to part ways.

“For Labour to be a true, radical, socialist alternative then the voters just had to go,” spokesman Simon Williams told us.

“This way we can move forward as a Party without being hindered by dissenting opinions or any chance of winning an election.

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“We hope to still be friends, but really we’re not going to be inviting them to anything anytime soon.”

Leader Jeremy Corbyn has stressed that he is open to any and all opinions, so long as members of his party don’t express them in any way ever again.