BNP to return as ‘BNP on Sunday’

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After being deregistered as a political party, the BNP is to follow the proven British tactic of horrific people doing the exact same thing with ‘on Sunday’ at the end.

Though the BNP is no longer a political party, those behind it will relaunch as the BNP on Sunday in the hope it will not be tarred with the dreadful reputation of its predecessor.

“The BNP on Sunday is not the same as the BNP. It’s completely different,” explained BNP on Sunday representative Simon Williams.

“Sure, it’s the same people, and we believe the same things, and do the exact same stuff as before, but look – we have a new masthead on our website, so it definitely counts.”

Not everyone has welcomed the move.

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Branding expert Jake Matthews told us, “It’s a blatantly transparent move that absolutely no-one will fall for. The British public are not that stupid.”

“Imagine if you will a business forced to close because of abhorrent behaviour and abuse of the public – then opening a week later doing precisely the same things but adding the words ‘on Sunday’ at the end.”

“It would die on its arse, almost immediately.”

“Wait, what? Oh.”