New BBC adaption of ‘And Then There Were None’ to be about Labour Shadow Cabinet

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The BBC is to produce a new adaption of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None about the Labour Shadow Cabinet, they have announced today.

The famous mystery, which centres on a group of people with nothing in common trapped in their own little world and vanishing one by one, is a ‘perfect fit’ for the Labour Front Bench, a spokesman confirmed.

In a departure from the plot of the published book, most victims will either be stabbed in the back or jump before they are pushed, and it will be obvious who the perpetrator is from the very beginning.

“I know we’ve just done the story,” said BBC spokesman Simon Williams, “but it’s a tale with tremendous contemporary relevance which merits revisiting. Immediately, as it turns out.

“The tension is palpable; the victims knowing someone is coming for them but unable to escape and simply having to fight or accept their fates. This stuff just writes itself when you think about it.

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“Of course, they all die in the end, leaving the Labour Party a barren, isolated rock bereft of life.

“Oops, spoiler alert.”

Once this adaptation is complete the Corporation plans to move on to adapting Appointment with Death, which will be about the Liberal Democrats.