Dave channel to show 24-hour repeats of Drummond puddle

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Popular second-hand programme channel Dave is to add a 24-hour rolling repeat of the Drummond puddle to their spring lineup.

The puddle, which was inexplicably popular for about 20 minutes yesterday, fulfils all their criteria for top-quality entertainment and is expected to be their highest rated show within weeks.

Tens of thousands of people tuned to a live feed of a large puddle in Newcastle because that was infinitely more rewarding than doing their actual jobs.

The high point of their day was watching a man taking a lilo for a paddle on the pool, which Dave are pleased to confirm will come around roughly every 90 minutes on their schedule.

“I know this marks a bit of a departure for Dave,” spokesman Simon Williams told us.

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“For the first time we’ll be broadcasting a show without Stephen Fry, Jeremy Clarkson or fat people shouting, but we’re confident that a static shot of a still pool of murky water by the road in Newcastle’s city centre will be more popular than any of those.

“We’re also very confident this will be higher-quality programming than on any comparable channel, such as Channel Five or ITV3.”

If the new venture is successful, Dave plan to add further excitement and bang up to date originality to their scheduling by playing repeats of the 1984 world snooker championships.