Trolls and abusers ‘hugely excited’ by Twitter’s 10,000 character limit

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Twitter has begun addressing user concerns about the platform by giving trolls even more characters to get creative with their abuse, according to sources today.

With a new 10,000 character limit to be introduced in the next few months, people who use the platform to abuse strangers have expressed sincere thanks to Twitter for making their lives much more interesting.

Twitter user Tr0llst3r97 told us, “There are only so many ways you can threaten to rape someone in 140 characters, but 10,000 characters means I can get really creative.

“I can paint a really vivid picture of how I’m going to abuse you. It’ll be epic.

“And you just know that the people I aim these messages at will read everything I writer, they can’t help themselves.

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“God, I’m getting hard just thinking about it.

“I’m just grateful that Twitter didn’t focus on the things that users actually want, like better ways to tackle people like me, and instead made trolling much more satisfying.”

Twitter has said the new feature came after much research and customer feedback.

A spokesperson told us, “We listened to all of our customers, and the features they would like.”

“These opinions are extremely important to us – because we put them in a huge report that we then burn to keep warm when we all sit outside on the campus grounds.

“For actual product developments we just put the nearest intern in charge of the product roadmap and let them decide what we should do next.”

“Yes, we’re delighted with what they chose, why do you ask?”