Netflix acquires British documentary series ‘Making a Parking Violator’

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Netflix will exclusively broadcast a ten-hour documentary series following the harrowing tale of a British man’s fight against a parking ticket.

Following the success of runaway hit Making a Murderer, Netflix is keen to adapt the format for a British audience.

A Netflix spokesperson explained, “Nothing gets British blood boiling more than officious parking attendants, whether council run or private – and we think Simon Williams’ story will leave the British public engrossed, outraged, and above all glued to their screens.”

“I think people will be taking to social media in their droves when they see the lengths private parking companies will go to in order to fine an innocent man.”

A select few Netflix subscribers have been given early access the series, and were left hugely impressed.

Viewer Thomas Smith told us, “I saw an advance copy of Making a Parking Violator, and binge watched the whole thing over the weekend.”

“You can’t help feel sorry for poor old Simon, and you will absolutely despise the people in the parking company office who threaten to charge him more if they don’t pay quickly, just to scare him into a confession.”

“But the real villains are the private parking company who pretend to be a debt collecting firm in order to put the ‘frighteners’ on them – you won’t sleep well the night you watch that one.”

“Don’t start watching unless you’ve got the next 10 hours free – because once you start, you won’t stop in the hope you’ll see some justice against the corrupt parking officials.”

“I won’t spoil it – but you won’t. Sorry.”