Labour reshuffle to be dramatised by Samuel Beckett

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The Labour Party reshuffle is to be dramatised as a sequel to Waiting for Godot, it has been announced today.

Waiting for Jeremy, as the play will be known, will feature two minor backbench MPs endlessly waiting for news about their careers which never comes.

Waiting for Jeremy has already been hailed as a classic example of tragicomic Theatre of the Absurd, and so has the play based upon it.

Already described as the finest dramatic masterpiece produced by Beckett despite having been dead for 25 years, the play has already been optioned for the Royal Court Theatre starring Tom Hollander and Chris Langham.

Theatre critic Simon Williams heaped praise on the script.

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“It’s a masterpiece of indecisive inaction; the two backbenchers endlessly hoping for preference but Jeremy simply never makes up his mind.

“The two just wait for the entire duration of their meaningless careers. ‘He said he would reshuffle’, says one.

“He said he would reshuffle but he hasn’t’, says the other.

“‘We can’t go on like this’.

“‘That’s what you think’, they say to each other.

“The dialogue is so true it is genius.”

The production is expected to run until 2020, after which it will be abruptly cancelled.