Giant statue of Chairman Mao having a poo appears in China countryside

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A 120 foot tall, bright gold statue of China’s controversial leader Mao Zedong on the toilet has appeared in the Henan province in China.

The giant homage to the defecating monster was paid for by local businessmen.

“Mao was a very great man of the people,” said a representative of the group.

“Which is why I have chosen to honour him by creating giant image of glorious Mao on the potty, because he was man of people, and all people go to potty.

“But it is very respectful, notice that there is no suggestion of him having to strain or running out of toilet roll, or reading child’s comic book.”

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The statue is almost complete with just an enormous cistern, ashtray and can of Oust to be put in place.

Unexpectedly, the statue has proved a source of inspiration in Essex.

“I don’t think we can allow ourselves to be outdone by China,” said local councillor and attention seeker Simon Williams.

“So I intend to put forward a plan for a 150 foot high gold statue of John Major having a wee into a urinal.

“That’ll show them.”

The statue, however, is not without controversy as Henan province was devastated by famine whilst under the rule of Chairman Mao, and it has been suggested that this is yet another way he has found to shit on the local people.