Watermelon boy reveals the secret is to add a litre of Vodka

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An Australian boy has confirmed the trick to eating an entire watermelon is spending 48 hours dripping premium vodka inside, ensuring the alcohol is fully absorbed by the flesh.

Mitchell Schibeci, 10, ate the entire watermelon – rind and all – at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, much the entertainment of watching television viewers.

Mitchell said afterwards that the feat owed much to the days of preparation spent ensuring the fruit was full of alcohol.

He told reporters, “Cricket is essentially a dull sport, so you’ve got to do something to pass the time, and though Australia is pretty relaxed about drinking, a ten year-old cracking open tinnies in public is still a little frowned upon.

“But for some reason munching an entire watermelon is not only fine, it’s actively encouraged – even if the watermelon itself is 40% proof by the time I took the first bite.

“I sort of remember the first few overs after lunch, but that’s about it.  Though I do have vague memories of a conga on the beach and punching a shark.

“Just a normal day for an Aussie kid I guess.”

English cricket fan Simon Williams described the boy as a genius.

He told us, “Lords limits the booze you can take into the ground to just beer, and even then just a couple of pints.

“I guarantee the Sri Lanka test in June will see approximately ten thousand watermelons inside, most of which will be consumed by the Barmy Army.”