Argentina demands Falkland Islands and a pony

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The Argentinian government has today issued a demand that the Falkland Islands and a pony should be handed over to them immediately.

Failure to meet these demands will result in them stamping their feet and shouting a lot, which may escalate to them holding their breath until they turn blue.

New President Macri insisted that the UK should enter into immediate negotiations aimed at them handing over the free pony, which he would keep in a lovely stable and exercise every day.

The pony, which Argentina insists is rightfully theirs as they’ve been a good country and not invaded anyone in yonks, would be used to distract the population from the ongoing catastrophic financial crisis which has engulfed the country.

Argentine spokesman Simonez Williamsio told us, “The proud nation of Argentina will throw a terrible, terrible hissy fit if they are not granted immediate access to a free pony by the colonialist British Government.”

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“Argentina has every right to a pony after tidying our bedroom and eating our dinners for more than twenty years, and we insist Britain engages in mature and grown-up dialogue on this pressing issue.”

“It doesn’t matter what the pony wants, it is rightfully ours.”

“Did you hear us? We want a pony. WE WANT A PONY.”

If the pony is not delivered, Argentina will tell on Britain to the UN and then they’ll get done so there.