George Lucas blasts new Star Wars film for being ‘enjoyable’ and ‘popular’

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Star Wars creator George Lucas has accused the Disney Corporation of betraying his creative vision by making an ‘enjoyable and popular’ film.

Speaking openly about his feelings for the new film, Lucas criticised aspects of the film as being ‘the sort of things people will actually like’, which did not match his ideas at all, and contemptuously dismissed the new direction as ‘entertaining.’

Lucas, who sold Star Wars to Disney for $4bn several years ago, said he had passed on his extensive notes on the future direction of the franchise featuring the negotiations of a free trade agreement between Naboo and Dantooine, and was disappointed studio execs discarded his ideas.

“I really wanted to go dramatic,” he told interviewers.

“For example, the climactic scene in the second film of my series would have featured negotiations stalling after the delegation from Korriban walk out, and the day being saved by a cute 8-year old kid suggesting a compromise 17.5% tax on titanium imports.”

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“Everyone would laugh and agree he’s clearly got loads of midichlorians.”

Lucas, critical of Disneys’ decision to attempt to make films which both established and new fans would enjoy, contemptuously described the fast-moving space opera as ‘fun’, and compared the corporation to ‘white slavers’ for trying to produce something people would enjoy.

In the wake of the film’s success, Disney have confirmed creative head JJ Abrams will be going in a new creative direction himself by simply making the same film over and over and over again, just with more lens flare each time.